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SmartResilience is your climate adaptation partner, helping you meet
today's regulatory requirements and mitigate tomorrow's risks.

The Platform

Quantify climate risk with precision

SmartResilience's climate risk data gives your organisation the information it needs to forecast long-range risks to property and assets throughout your supply chain. With precise, accurate information, you can assess your exposure to climate threaths, engage key stakeholders, meet reporting requirements and mitigate for the future.

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24/7 Monitoring

With our innovative mapping tool, you can see when natural disasters threaten your property and assets in real time. When risks reach a pre-agreed level, SmartResilience will send SMS and email alerts to your key team members so they can take steps to protect your business, minimising disruption and losses.

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Mitigating the cost of damages

SmartResilience isn’t just about planning and prediction. It’s about ensuring your business is ready for climate change. By visualising the potential risks over the long-term, you can assess your asset allocation and make strategic decisions before it’s too late, avoiding costly damage to your business and its reputation in the future.

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Mitigate against disaster

React to real-time risks with early-warning notifications

Our SmartResilience platform monitors and maps natural and weather-related events all year round. When threats reach pre-agreed thresholds, SMS notifications and emails are issued to empower your team to act against potential damage and losses.

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Gain access to actionable data via our user-friendly platform , which allows you to visualise and quantify potential threats.

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Engage key stakeholders with easy-to-interpret data , meet legislative reporting requirements and make plans to minimise impacts.

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Integrate SmartResilience into existing operations in order to protect property , people and profitability over the short and long-term.

"We expect that SmartResilience will continue to improve our resilience and help prevent future financial and operational impacts. The application has already prompted us to put several action plans in place, from long-term flood mitigation investment to enabling sites' response to evolving flood risks."


"I would recommend SmartResilience to anyone who is thinking about using data insights to improve both their customer experience and loss ratios. I found Harish and Jonathan to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, it was a pleasure to work with them both."


Who We Help

SmartResilience is designed to support the teams and individuals evaluating different climate risk scenarios, implementing risk management plans and proactively working to reduce losses.

Sustainability Professionals

SmartResilience streamlines your role, providing relevant climate data in an easy-to-digest format, so you can report on what really matters.

Risk Professionals

Identify, monitor and mitigate both short and long-term climate risks with SmartResilience, in order to reduce business disruption, losses and insurance claims.

Consultancy Partners

With SmartResilience, you'll be armed with reliable, asset-level data, enabling you to provide multiple clients with expert guidance and actionable advice.

The Danger

Climate risk in numbers


Estimated increase in annual damage to non-residential properties as a result of flooding by 2050 if the planet outstrips global warming targets1


Predicted annual drought losses across the EU and UK in the absence of climate action2


The predicted increase in the global number of wildfires by 21003

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